What a wonderful evening

SK-CHG-CDWhen Scott Kirby was doing his sound check we could tell it was going to be a wonderful evening. It was a perfect, cloudless evening, and the gentle breeze coming in through the windows hinted at a Florida Keys kind of night.

We introduced Scott as the man of “the four S’s, singer, songwriter, storyteller and sailor” and the members and guest immediately settled in because they knew he was one of us. For the next hour or so, he brought to life old standards, his own classics and songs from his new album (above). Peppering his performance with hilarious and surprising stories, Scott had us singing, swaying and stomping along.

We featured a new guest chef, R Phil Gauthier with his signature appetizers and to-die-for cakes.

Next Event: July 4th, dine around the harbor – register here.

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