Day on the Bay: an outstanding success


When we set about thinking how we could get more visibility for The Club we tried to come up with an”open day” idea. This morphed into an open day for all the businesses at Westpoint, The Club, The Harbor, Yacht Suites, and our very good friends at 101 Surf Sports.

So last Saturday all the planning came to life. We had almost 50 visitors to the harbor and at least 20 of those were children and teenagers.

Through the warmth and generosity of 101 Surf Sports, dozens of Redwood City residents and their families were able to kayak and paddle-board for the first time in their lives. For many, it was their very first time on the water.

One participant  spoke to said, “I am so impressed! I had no idea all this was happening here in Redwood City. My wife and I saw the link in Nextdoor and decided to check it out. We’ll be back for more next week!”

Along with the kayaking and paddle-boarding, there was a fun treasure hunt around the harbor with prizes for the younger and older participants. Breakfast and lunch were served by members and the cheeseburgers were the “best burger I’ve had in ages” according to one dad.

IMG_8918The highlight of the day though was the amazing foiling surfboard demo by Kai Calder of

This remarkable technology rises up, out of the water, at just 8 knots and barley makes a ripple. With a handheld joystick to control speed and direction, Kai performed a beautifully choreographed water ballet to rival that of any Cirque du Soliel performance.

More pictures can be found here.

A very special thanks to the volunteer army who helped with organizing and managing the event. And a huge hug of gratitude to Paulien Ruijssenaars who led the team and pulled off such an extraordinary day.

Planing for Day on the Bay 2019 will start in the New Year. Please let Paulien know if you’d like to help or if you have any ideas for the event.


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