Burgees exchanges are on display

Here is member Graeme Tait exchanging burgees with the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia in Darling Point, just outside Sydney. Graeme exchanged burgees with three clubs on his trip including the Royal Clubs of Tasmania and the Sydney Yacht Squadron.

We have had a bumper number of burgee exchanges in the past few weeks and, thanks to member John Sanders’ woodworking skills, we now have a place to display them. Next time you’re in the clubhouse, look up.

Inside “The Nook”, the room overlooking the marina with the round table, above your head is the display of burgees we have collected in our first year.

At each end is our own burgee: one end has the original prototype and the other one the first production flag.

Here’s the link to the guide to all the burgees.

Look for a gazetteer on the table for the guide to the burgees.

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