Very successful visit by Sausalito Yacht CLub

We were very honored to welcome Cruise Captain Donna Bachle and members of Sausalito Yacht Club to The Club this weekend.

Boats started arriving at lunchtime and, by evening, we had added 9 new boats to the Westpoint Harbor fleet from the magnificent Defiant to the speedy Montecristo.

Friday evening was an informal barbeque and huge thanks are due to member Paula Cuneo and Neal Doten for organizing, cooking and serving dinner for the combined SYC and TC@WP crowd. We planned for about 20 people but, in the end, had over 30 including some SYC members, Tyrone and Blanche, who live locally and surprised everyone by turning up. After 51 years of membership, they were most welcome and were able to renew many acquaintances.

Saturday was a more structured dinner provided by Redwood Grill. This was the first time we had used them and the food was an instant hit. Again, many thanks to members Bob Wilson and Clara Munley managed the evening with the eager assistance of member Graeme Tait and, once again, our initial estimate of 25 people soon made it well over 30.

Our President Peter Blackmore exchanged burgees with the Commodore of SYC, Chuck Cihak. Pictures below.

Several members of SYC commented on how much they enjoyed their visit and how much they are looking forward to a return visit next year.

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