Friday Fun Series – Race #1

11 boats entered the race on Friday. Here are the finishers and their position:

  1. Hijinks, skippered by Tom Borgstrom, congratulations
  2. Phoenix, Phillip Meredith
  3. Friction Loss, Jenny Thompson
  4. Grunion, John Graves,
  5. Thira, Ray Torok
  6. Mistral, Mark Wommack
  7. Mistral, Peter Blackmore
  8. Pleiades, Larry Mayne

An excellent evening’s racing and lots of fun back at The Club later. Many thanks again to John Graves and Larry Mayne for getting this series going and for organizing such excellent food afterward.

There is some video of the race on The CLub Facebook page – we will be fixing it during the week – here it is in its current format.


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