Cruise-Out to San Francisco Yacht Club

Great Pictures from Barbara Bussler here.

Day 3:

Epilog: After talking it through with Julie, our guests Barb Demere and Judy Hyrne, many of our fellow cruisers (several first-times like Julie and I), the consensus was it was a great event and everyone is eager for the next one. Thanks to all involved who made this such fun and especially to Peter for pulling it all together.

13:00 Arrived at Westpoint Harbor. Docking was straightforward despite the breeze.

10:10 Departed the docks and headed home.

08:45 Another overcast start to the day. Excellent breakfast in SFYC.

Day 2:

19:00 Cruise-out dinner at SFYC. Peter Blackmore had done an excellent organizational job getting this cruise out organized and was there to answer everyone’s questions despite only getting off a European flight on Thursday morning. Dinner was excellent and we were all able to sit together.

16:00 Docktails, first power-tails, then sail-tails (hic!). Thanks to everyone for opening up their boats and serving such a fine selection of appetizers. Several folks commented at dinner how they were feeling quite full.

12:30 Classic Car show downtown – here looking back towards Corinthian’s YC on the left of the shot in the middle-distance. My favorite was the Triumph Spitfire Mk IV which is the car I had in college.

SFYC Car Show

11:30 Heading out for lunch we had a very elegant visitor. Good look at the SFYC docks too.

SFYC Heron

09:15 Very nice walk exploring the harbor. Found a “secret passage” called Pagoda Lane that is really a staircase that leads (over 100 steps) up to the top of the hill overlooking SFYC and the harbor.

08:30 Made breakfast for the crew.

07:00 Up bright and early. Foggy day over the city. Sprinkles of rain at SFYC. Dogs happy to go stretch their legs.

Day 1:

18:30 Dinner downtown Tiburon. What a delightful and charming town. Just one street but a fun collection of shops and restaurants. There was a band playing in the middle of the street outside the famous Sam’s restaurant and bar.

16:00 As the boat with the tallest mast, Grunion hoisted The Club colors which can be seen from every corner of the marina.

SFYC Flag15:00 Lunch on the deck of SFYC. Excellent Tri-Tip sandwich.

14:15 Adventurer arrived and rafted on to Mi Amor. And, of course, with expert Bavarian efficiency connected to the power instantly.

14:00 In quick succession saw Grunion and Na Mara pass by the powerboats heading to the guest berths.

13:45 Mi Amor and Pied a Mer Plus still don’t have power. SFYC has upgraded their dock power and there seems to be a problem. After another hour of experimenting all was good.

12:30 Arrived at SFYC. Mi Amor was already tied up. Peter Blackmore and the harbormaster we there to welcome us and help us dock. The original plan was to moor stern-to but, in the end, we side-tied.

11:42 Approaching Bay Bridge – clouds burning off. Bay much calmer now.

10:30 Passed by Mi Amor taking the direct route to Belvedere. We’re on an easterly route for the sighting benefits.

10:00: Left Westpoint Harbor at 9:00 am with several other boats. Weather much cooler than the past week. Passed under the San Mateo Bridge at 10:10 am.

The city looks like a giant fluffy blanked has descended. Hoping that the sun will burn it off before we get there.


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