Burgee Exchange at The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club in Australia


RPAYC was formed at a public meeting of boatowners in Sydney on 15 October 1867. The name Prince Alfred Yacht Club was chosen in view of the intended visit of Prince Alfred of the United Kingdom, in command of HMS Galatea, which took place in 1868. The prefix Royal was granted by George V in 1911.

Pittwater Division was formed as a result of a decision in 1919 to investigate alternatives to racing on the increasingly congested Sydney Harbour. The original Green Point clubhouse, on the present site, was opened in 1938.

In 1956, the city clubhouse was replaced by new premises in Rowe Street.

In 1969, the Rowe Street clubhouse was sold to finance the development of the Pittwater premises. While arrangements continued for some years for members to use the facilities of the Sydney Club in Rowe Street adjacent to the former city clubhouse, all remaining yachting activities were transferred to Pittwater.

Here we see Mark Sanders exchanging burgees with RPAYC Marine Services Manager, Kylie Brown.

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