Dear Member,

As we discussed at the General Meeting we would value your opinion on a number of Club matters.

First we’d like to get your feedback on the amenities The Club offers today – what motivates you and what more would you like to see. Secondly, we are exploring additional amenities in addition to what we offer now. We'd like your help prioritizing these. While completing the all-member survey, please keep in mind that our primary use of capital will be to complete the clubhouse.

Under consideration are the following member benefits:

 A: Adult Sailing (No Boat, No Problem)
 B: Outstation opportunities
 C: Other On-The-Water sports activities (examples – Kayak, Stand up Paddleboard etc)

Lastly, we also need to prioritize amenities that will help recruit new members. The Club gets stronger as we do this which will be a benefit to all of us. Think of people you could encourage to join The Club and what would motivate them to do so.

We all understand completing the building is THE priority but beyond that, we’d like to make sure we provide you, our members with the right member benefits.

We really appreciate receiving your feedback on this member survey - we estimate it will only take 10 minutes of your time.
Please enter your email - this is so we can verify that a member made the survey submission - this will not be included in the survey results

Section 1: Current Amenities

On a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high) stars how important are these to you?

Section 2: New Clubhouse

On a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high) stars how important are these aspects of the new clubhouse to you?
Selected Value: 5.5
Thinking about all the different levels of dining service we should have in The Clubhouse where 1 is very casual and 10 is fine dining.

Section 3: Member communication

On a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high) stars how important are these communication methods to you?
SlipStream is an iOS and Android app for club members only. It has your membership card, a member directory, all the events and you can sign up right there in the app, plus a ton of other features just for members.

Section 4: Possible new member amenities: Adult Sailing

The intention is to add these with no increase in dues. We may charge for use of the amenities.

Section 5: Possible new member amenities: Outstation

The intention is to own or rent a remote facility for the members to use as a cruising destination

Section 6: Possible new member amenities: Other on-the-water activities

The intention is to own or rent assets (other than boats) for the members’ recreational use.

Section 7: Your Priorities

How would you rank these three priorities? Choose 1 for your highest priority, 2 for your second-highest priority, and 3 for your lowest priority.
Selected Value: 1
Selected Value: 1
Selected Value: 1

Section 8: Recruiting new members

What amenities do you think are effective in recruiting new members to The Club?

Final Section

Thank you for completing the survey. We will collate the results and share them with you.