ClubBuzz: Lia Ditton, World Record Holder and Trans Oceanic 鉀德燬ailor/Rower聽馃殻 in person on Friday

ClubBuzz: Lia Ditton, World Record Holder and Trans Oceanic 鉀德燬ailor/Rower聽馃殻 in person on Friday

Lia Ditton
Transoceanic Rower/Sailer
Friday on Zoom or in The Club


First, thank you to 
Connie and Bob Puccetti
for their delightful presentation

In case you missed Connie and Bob’s epic story of cruising the Delta. You can watch it online.

Here is the link to the recording.
And this is the passcode: TheClub@2021

This week: International Speaker Series
World Record Holder, Lia Ditton
Friday, May 7th, 6:00 pm
On Zoom and In-Person in The Club

Row Lia Row

We are extremely lucky to have a very special presentation by an amazing athlete, sailor and world record holder, Lia Ditton 
Lia is a professional ocean racer, an artist, author, and sought-after motivational speaker. She has sailed the equivalent of 8 times around the globe, is a household name in France for placing 2nd in the 2006 single-handed sailboat race Le Route du Rhum from Saint-Malo to Guadalupe and in 2015 Lia captained ‘PlanetSolar’ the largest solar-powered catamaran in the world. In 2016 Lia began training to succeed where 19 others have failed, to be the first person – not the first woman – to row 5,500 miles solo and unsupported land-to-land from Japan to San Francisco. Last year, Lia rowed half this distance and became the 2nd woman to row the Pacific from San Francisco to Hawaii, a crossing that took 87 days and broke two world records. Lia is passionate about creating educational resources for children and inspiring women, girls, and boys to dream beyond their limitations. 

A number of The Club at Westpoint members have made significant contributions to a documentary about her (currently in production) about her amazing 87-day row from San Francisco to Hawaii. 

Please join us Friday, May 7th at 6:00 pm

Member Spotlight
Mark Sanders
Featured in May’s Climate Magazine

Mark Sanders and Westpoint Harbor featured in Climate Magazine May 2021 Edition
 Click here to go to the magazine’s electronic edition. Pages 17 to 21.

Special Guest Presentation
Pacific Voyages with Jamis MacNiven
Friday, May 14th, 6:00 pm

Jamis MacNiven
Jamis MacNiven is the founder and proprietor of Buck鈥檚 of Woodside, the restaurant known around the business world as Venture Capital Central for almost 30 years where Valley tech companies including Netscape, Hotmail, Paypal, Tesla, and countless others had their earliest investment meetings.

With the management of the restaurant now in the hands of his three sons and origin stories of tech giants now the stuff of legend, Jamis has set his sights on new voyages 鈥 chronicling the fascinating and wondrous history of distant locales and remarkable voyages of the vast Pacific Ocean.

“My motto is: ‘Travel to places you will never go.’ Trust me when I say I will take you to places you have not considered. This is a vacation from the cares of the world with not a whiff of the virus. But watch out for malaria, beriberi, blackwater fever, typhus, cannibals, murderous mosquitos, sharks, sea urchins, saltwater crocodiles, deadly jellyfish, political shenanigans, white bread with Spam and wildly overpriced Pina Coladas.”

“For me, it鈥檚 time for some blue water under the bow; so come with me and my parrot, Zimbabwe, and I鈥檒l take you on a trip to strange and wondrous places.”

Please join us Friday, May 14th at 6:00 pm

May and June at a glance

   May 2021
   3rd, Monday Monthly message from Club President, Peter Blackmore
   7th, Friday Lia Ditton – A Front Row Seat – Rowing across the Pacific
   14th, Friday Special Event: Pacific Voyages with Captain Jamis
   21st, Friday Friday Fun Series Race #2
   21st, Friday Pub Quiz
   22nd, Saturday CONCERT: Steve Stanley and Friends – on the Helipad
   Memorial Day Weekend No events
   June 2021
   4th, Friday Pub Quiz
   11th, Friday Crossing the Atlantic with Russell and Tina White
   18th, Friday Friday Fun Series Race #3
   19th, Saturday Concert – Reggae – Native Elements (Chris Cortez) on the Helipad

If you have any questions please let me know.

Kevin Parker

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