This week is Movie Night: Fisherman’s Friends

This week is Movie Night: Fisherman's Friends

Saturday: Movie Night
Fisherman’s Friends

Movie Night on the Helipad Tomorrow
Fishermen’s Friends
Saturday, June 26th at 7:00 pm 

Fishermen’s Friends

In 2010, a group of rugged fishermen carved out their own anachronistic moment in pop music lore, as the copyright-free folk songs sung by Fisherman’s Friends placed them at the Top 10 charts in the UK. 

Chris Foggin’s “Fisherman’s Friends” doesn’t really explain how these harmonious workers and their sea shanties would have such a commercial appeal, and that proves to be intentional to its storytelling. This is a movie for instant fans; it’s explicitly for anyone who doesn’t need any convincing about why we’d instantly love them

Please register here (register here). Includes a bag of Fisherman’s Friends!

Summer Concert Series on the Helipad
Dirty Cello
Saturday, July 3rd at 5:00 pm 

They’re Back for Independence Day Weekend

Prepare to celebrate our Independence Day Weekend Concert at the Helipad on Saturday, July 3rd! Dirty Cello will be our special concert musicians for the event and we’ll have Redwood City’s famous Capelo’s Food Truck serving dinner. The Club bar will be selling beer and wine.

Westpoint Harbor members are invited to join us, and we will also be hosting the cruisers from Coyote Point Yacht Club who are coming to Westpoint Harbor for the holiday weekend. We ask everyone to fly the American flag on their boats and help make this a big celebration! Come and join in the fun! It will be an awesome party!

Members of The Club at Westpoint and their Guests Free
And, we have secured the AWARD-WINNING Capello’s Food Truck with their FAMOUS Southern Barbeque with only the finest locally sourced ingredients.

Capello’s Food Truck will start serving at 5:00 pm – Food Tickets $30
The concert will begin at 5:30 pm

Please register by  Friday, June 30th (register here


Greetings from Sitka!  We arrived in Sitka on a beautiful, sunny, blue sky Saturday only to be treated to a torrential rainstorm on the first day of summer.  The locals here are enjoying the company of the pleasure boats, and await the return of the cruise ships with trepidation, as 2500-5000 are expected to descend on this area in two days come July 21st.  Right now, they enjoy the peaceful atmosphere here.
Sitka will be our last provisioning stop before we head out towards Tracy Arm and Ford’s Terror and then begin our trek home.  Canada is still keeping the border closed another month, so we will need to stop only for rest on our return trip,  as we did on the trip north.

Our travels have led us through an amazingly beautiful region, with glaciers, eagles, sea otters,

and humpback whales, and the occasional brown bear, which are kept well at a distance. 

BONITO has been comfortable and reliable, and we have met many interesting cruisers along the way.  We are going places that you can only reach by small boat, and the coves are secluded and pristine.  It will be nice to shed the rain gear in a few weeks and enjoy some summertime sunshine once we get back to San Juan Island.
If you are interested in hearing more about our excursions, please check out for the awesome photos and to see where we are, where we have been, and where we are going.  This is a great group and they have made the journey almost effortless. 

LuAnne and John Graves

H u g o Part 1 video with Tina and Russell White

Join Tina and Russell on the first part of their epic journey.
Part 1: The Mediterranean. 

Friday, July 23rd, at the PYSF Campus Westpoint
Meet The Junior Sailors and their Families
Larry’s delicios Sundowner Dogs will be available

On Friday, July 23 will be a Friday Fun race, and PY is doing a family night, where parents come and socialize, there’s a BBQ, and small boats are usually available for people to try out. Junior sailors will be joining the race, and afterward, everyone meets at the PYSF Tent for Latty’s delicious Sundowner Dogs. Think of this as a social evening, with an opportunity to meet the PY team, PY parents, Junior Sailors. And their chance to meet us. Having a strong showing by our members would let our junior sailors know how important they are to us. You don’t have to race, you can just show up after the race for the social party.

June and July at a glance

   June 2021
   26th, Saturday MOVIE NIGHT: Fisherman’s Friends on the Helipad
   July 2021
   3rd, Saturday CONCERT: with Dirty Cello on the helipad
   9th, Friday Pub Quiz
   23rd, Friday Friday Fun Series Race #4
   23rd, Friday Meet the Junior Sailors and Sundowner Hot Dogs

If you have any questions please let me know.

Kevin Parker

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