ClubBuzz: This week we have the Annual Members Meeting

ClubBuzz: This week we have the Annual Members Meeting

Annual Members Meeting
Friday at 6:00 in The Clubhouse or on Zoom

Friday at 6:00 in The Clubhouse or via Zoom

All Members are invited to attend the:

Annual Members’ Meeting

Date/Time: Friday, October 29th at 6:00 pm
Location: In-person in The Clubhouse or remotely via Zoom.


  1. Welcome
  2. Major Initiatives
    • Building
    • Restaurant
    • Junior Sailing
    • Membership
    • Committees
  3. Club Financials
  4. Governance
  5. Any other business
  6. Questions

Under Item 4 of the Agenda there will be two motions for members to vote upon:

Motion 1: Motion to Amend the Bylaws:
The Members approve amending Section 7.02 of the Bylaws to allow both Directors and/or Full Members to be members or chairs of Board Committees. Specific language for the amendment to be crafted by the Secretary.

Reason for the change: The current bylaws do not allow non-directors to participate in Board Committees. The new language will make the change to allow all Full Members to participate or chair Board Committees.
Proposed language: In section 7.02 of the Bylaws, 

The sentence: “…each consisting of two or more directors, and only of directors,..”  shall be amended to: “…each consisting of at least two Full Members in good standing, who may  also be existing directors or officers…” 

The sentence: “…may appoint one or more directors as alternate members of the committee,…”  shall be amended to: “…may appoint one or more Full Members in good standing, who may also be existing directors or officers,  as alternate members of the committee…”

Add a new sentence: “The President of the Club will appoint one committee member as chair of the committee, subject to the approval of the Board.”

Motion 2: Motion to Ratify the Appointment of a Director
The Members approve the nomination of Dana Sanderson to serve as a Director in accordance with Section 5.04 of the bylaws.

No other motions were received by the Secretary.

For members wishing to attend in person, please register here or on Slipstream. The as then guidelines for masking and vaccinations in force by the County of San Mateo will apply.

For members wishing to attend via Zoom, please register here.


Kevin Parker
Secretary, The Club at Westpoint

h u g o   news
San Francisco to Encenada

Hi Y’all,

The Whites are off on our annual migration onboard Hugo out of the country to get a new cruising permit.  This year we are heading to Ensenada, Mexico, just south of San Diego.

(Hugo is Australian registered and means we need a new Cruising Permit each year – achieved by spending 15 days outside the US checked into another country then back in again).

We will be setting sail at sunrise on Wednesday 27th October and expect a 3-day straight sail to Ensenada (530 nautical miles). We have been in “departure mode” for a week now but California has just had a wild storm system come through yesterday.  We haven’t had rain in 9 months but have just had a crazy storm with flash flooding and winds that we clocked on the boat at over 50 knots.   The seas are apparently over 24ft out there.  All that looks to quiet down over the next day so Wednesday’s departure looks certain.

Tim will be staying at home – School is 100% in person, he is studying for his SAT (senior exam) on 6th November and he is busy with university applications, etc.  Lucy the adventure dog will be coming with us.  As much as she is a wonderful company for Tim, she will have long periods alone and it will be much more fun to be sailing the high seas again. Tim would prefer his puppy dog have fun. 

We will have company for the San Francisco to Ensenada portion of our journey.  Our sweet friends Chris and Arleen Pietrzak will join us.  They live onboard their Lagoon catamaran “Lola” at Westpoint Harbor and plan to take a similar trip by themselves in a year and want the practice. 

In Ensenada we will be at Cruiseport Marina – Russ working online and me prepping for our boat to be hauled out – and of course, some exploring up and down the coast in between.  Once our 15 days are up, we will sail up to San Diego and clear back into the US then sail up to Ventura, CA where we are booked in to get hauled out at Ventura Harbor Boatyard on 15th November – the only boatyard near us that can fit Hugo’s width (apart from Bay Ship in Alameda that wanted to charge us $10K to get lifted out).  We hope to only spend 1 week upon the hardstand and then make it back to Westpoint Harbor for Thanksgiving. 

If you would like to track us I will do similar to our last trip up from Costa Rica and do a mini-blog on the Predict Wind tracking page…follow this link:

Your tracking link is

Russ and I have cleaned, serviced, prepped, and stripped the boat of all unnecessary stuff and feel ready for our next adventure.  It is soooo much easier to prep the boat for a journey in the US. 

I am off to Customs and Border Protection now to sign us out of the country.  2 more sleeps and we are off…

Love Tina (and Russ) xx

October through December at a glance

   October 2021
   29th, Friday Annual Members Meeting
   November 2021
   5th, Friday Pub Quiz – part 3
   20th, Saturday Thanksgiving Concert
   22nd to 27th, Monday to Friday Cruise-Out to Angel Island

If you have any questions please let me know.

Kevin Parker

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