ClubBuzz: A year in pictures: why not light the fire, grab a nice warm drink and reflect on the fun we had in 2022 at The Club (part 1)

ClubBuzz: A year in pictures: why not light the fire, grab a nice warm drink and reflect on the fun we had in 2022 at The Club (part 1)

A look back at what happened
at The Club in 2022 (part 1) 



A wet, windy, and for some very cold, end to 2022, <<First Name>>,

So, in this week’s Buzz, we’re going to take a retrospective look at the year at The Club. If you have pics you’d like to share, send them along and I’ll publish those on Friday. But here are some of my favorites.

Part 1 – January to June – today
Part 2 – July to December on Friday

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did putting it together.


January 2022

The Northpoint Court has a road and parking, a cruise-out to the South Bay, and Part 2 of the Hugo story.

The road to the new clubhouse was completed in January and the striping was all done. The sign to Northpoint Court was installed so now we have a new address, 160 Northpoint Court, and last week we got our own mailbox too.

Our first cruise-out of the year was a successful anchor-out to the South Bay led by Russell and Tina White. It is a very different perspective of the bay from down there. It is tranquil and peaceful.

Tina and Russell also took us on our second installment of the Hugo transatlantic story. With another fun presentation in Tina’s unique style. 

February 2022

Cruise-Out to St. Francis YC, Superbowl, and a Craft Beer/Love Night/Permit to Party for Valentine’s Day.

February filled up fast. The trip to St. Francis is a highlight of every year’s cruise-out calendar. As usual St. Francis’ delightful dock crew took good care of the fleet getting our little flotilla nestled neatly into the harbor.

Meanwhile, at the clubhouse, fans gathered for the Superbowl potluck. 

The big news for the month though was the long-awaited building permit from the City of Redwood City. Now we’ll see progress on the building and, sure enough, the next day foundations were being laid.

And, with Covid (somewhat) behind us, we started to open up the clubhouse to events.

March 2022

March kicked off with the return of the Standford Treeathlon. We had visits from Encinal YC and the Potter Yachters.

We got our first look at how the new clubhouse might look.

And we saw the welcome return of Movie Night to The Club Calendar.

At the harbor, members helped out with the return of the Stanford Treeathlon and enjoyed the spectacle of the swimmers racing across the harbor.

Mark Sanders showed us all new renderings of the clubhouse with some video walkthroughs to whet our appetite.

And, in keeping with the county’s advice we dropped the masking requirement at The Club.

April 2022

With the prospect of a glorious summer ahead, the events team went into overdrive. We had Opening Day on the Bay, an Easter Parade along the slough, Friday Fun Series Racing got off to flying start, and we had our first Summer Concert of the year.

A new club tradition, an Easter parade. All the vessels with every flag they have proudly displayed as they cruised up and down the Westpoint Slough.

Our partners at PYSF let us use their facility for our first summer concert with the amazing Native Elements band and the always great Redwood Grill food truck.

Friday Fun Series got off to a great start with perfect weather for an evening of somewhat competitive racing with after-race drinks on the fuel dock. Another new club tradition.

Movie night completed the month with the Oscar-winning film, CODA.

May 2022

We started the month with one of Robin’s fireside chats. It was a hybrid event (in-person and on Zoom). Our German craft beer night was very successful with the generous help of SHW German Beer Distributors. San Jose Sailing Club made its annual trip to Westpoint Harbor. And we hosted a very special event, the arrival of Ocean Queen V to the harbor.

Another month is packed with activities. San Jose Sailing Club joined us the weekend we welcomed Ocean Queen V to the harbor. This historic vessel sat nose to nose with Hurrica making a picture-perfect scene in front of the harbor house. Both vessels were open for tours and, despite the baking sun, long lines formed at both boats.

Craft beer night was a huge success thanks to a wonderful and funny presentation from Andreas Hildebrandt of SHW Brands. The beer was exceptional and became a staple of summer at both the Regatta and several concerts.

June 2022

With the Warriors in the NBA finals, the clubhouse, and the big-screen TV, got lots of use. Our second summer concert was the much-anticipated return of member favorite Scott Kirby who brought some old standards and some wonderful new songs.

And more progress on the building. Forms going in ready to pour the concrete. Underground pipes laid.

And yet more Friday Fun Series racing.

Every week something new at the building site. Now we have concrete pouring. 40 trucks with wet concrete lined up outside the harbor ready to deliver their share of the foundation.

Scott Kirby does an annual tour around the USA and makes The Club at Westpoint one of his stops. His music is always perfect for an evening under the stars. For this concert, we were back at the helipad.

Friday Fun Series racing was now in full swing and the after-race food getting more and more welcoming and elaborate. 

July to December will be in Friday’s Buzz.
Don’t miss it.

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