ClubBuzz: Special Cruise-Out Edition

ClubBuzz: Special Cruise-Out Edition

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Monday, March 6th, 2023

Cruise-Out Anchor-Out at Treasure Island

Dates: Friday 17th – Sunday 19th March

Hi there, it is your next Cruise Out Captains Russ and Tina White here currently sailing back from anchoring out at Treasure Island this weekend.  We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to share this experience with you all. 

Plan: Boats to arrive in Clipper Cove at high tide either Friday or Saturday morning (details of high tide window will be provided once signed up), please let us know your boats draft.

Note: There is a marina in at Clipper Cove however the docks look run down so our suggestion is to anchor out. 

Friday evening: Sunset drinks and potluck dinner onboard Hugo (our catamaran)

Saturday morning: Paddle-boarding, kayaking, beach fun (great beach for leash free dog action), beach games.


Saturday evening: 4:00pm meet on the beach for walk around to the beautiful 1930’s Treasure Island Museum to look in the lobby then onwards to Mersea for dinner. 

Saturday 5:00pm: Sunset dinner at fellow club members and Restauranteurs Parke Ulrich’s and Meesun Boice’s restaurant “Mersea” for a private dinner.  Parke and Meesun are so hospitable and the food and drinks are totally divine. It will give everyone a chance to get a taste of what is to come at our new restaurant Hurrica!

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Anchorage Map

Russ and I anchored out with some friend’s boats overnight at the weekend. We had very heavy weather – blowing 36kts in the squalls. The holding there is terrific and we felt very protected.  We all went ashore and experienced the beautiful Mersea with their picture perfect location directly opposite the city and Golden Gate Bridge. The cocktails are hand-made perfection and the food totally delicious. Lucy, our dog, had a fantastic time running free on the beach.  

We have taken depth readings and will guide everyone in.  If anyone needs help anchoring or is unsure, Russ is happy to answer any questions and/or help in any way. We will deliver more specific entry instructions and further details once you sign up.

We have fallen in love with this anchorage and look forward to sharing this experience.

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We welcome “Black Toppers” for our 5:00pm dinner at Mersea on Saturday 18th March.  There is a ferry terminal building nearby – 6 minute ferry ride from the city. There is street parking for those driving up. 

If you would like to hang out and spend the whole day up there you are more than welcome also – come, pack a picnic and join in the beach activities. 

If you would like to come and stay on a boat this weekend we will provide a place to sign up.  We can’t promise anything and will see what we can do.  


Meesun is kindly hosting our dinner after Mersea has closed so she needs to know numbers so she can put appropriate number of staff on.  Please sign up by Friday midday. 

Tina and Russ

Tina 615 554 4378
Russ 615 417 1168

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