Applications for membership are welcome.

Our membership process is straightforward. Most applications are processed in under two weeks, many in one week. Our process:

  • Your membership will need sponsors. Sponsors need to be members of The Club. If you do not know anyone in the club willing to sponsor you, go ahead and fill out the form in any case. Our membership development committee (MDC) will contact you and arrange for you to meet some of our members with a view to them sponsoring you.
  • Membership application review. The MDC will review your application and may ask for additional information or clarification. They will also confirm with your sponsors that they are willing to be sponsors and help you integrate into The Club in your first year.
  • Meet-and-greet. They will then arrange a meet and greet with you (usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday, early evening, on Zoom – but this will shift to the new clubhouse in person [if convenient] when we move in there). The purpose of the meet-and-greet is two-fold:
    • To give you an opportunity to get all your questions about membership answered – you can ask any question that comes to mind and they will try to answer it
    • To give you an opportunity to share what you would like to get out of your membership – this helps us match you with like-minded members and ensure that we get you engaged in club life in the richest and fullest way
  • Board recommendation and approval. The MDC will make their recommendation to the board of directors and the board will then notify the General Manager to invite you to join The Club. Please note that not all applications will be approved and The Club does not disclose its approval criteria.

Membership Fees 2023 (subject to change*)

Full Membership $2,500 annually – paid quarterly or annually for two people full voting membership
Non-Resident Membership $500 annually – paid quarterly or annually for two people restrictions apply**
Initiation Fee $3,000* one-time per application all membership classes
*The initiation fee will increase to $4,000 in 2023

First Applicant

Second Applicant (if there is one - leave blank otherwise)

The second applicant should be the spouse or registered domestic partner of the first applicant.




Name of two sponsors who are current Full Members of The Club in good standing and who will support and recommend your application to the Membership Committee. You must get permission from the sponsors before submitting your application. If you do not know the names of two sponsors we will arrange for you to meet with the membership committee when you submit your application.

Tell us a little more about yourself

We're always interested in learning from prospective members what they hope to get from their participation in The Club
Please check all that apply
Please give the name of the club, whether you are a current member and how many years you've held membership there
This includes business arrangements you may have with either of your sponsors


By applying to become a member of The Club at Westpoint you agree to be bound by The Club Bylaws and The Club House rules that may be in force from time to time. You affirm that the information is given is accurate and true.
Note that the initiation fee will increase to $4,000 later in 2023

** Non-Resident members receive the same benefits as full members with the exception of:

  • Non-Resident members live at least 80 miles from the clubhouse.
  • Non-Resident members do not have voting privileges
  • Non-Resident members may visit the new clubhouse at any time but their visits are limited to two months of the year.  Members may visit the clubhouse as many times as they wish in those months. If Non-Resident members wish to visit in other months they will be charged a $250 usage fee in that month.