Author: Kevin Parker

Coastal Cleanup Day Success

Today, The Club at Westpoint participated in the annual Coastal Clean-Up Day, a first for our club! We had a total of four volunteers that spent two hours collecting trash around Westpoint Harbor. Being an owner of a boat at Westpoint, I consider the marina incredibly well kept and clean. In fact, I expressed doubt…Read more

The member’s entrance is going in

Work started yesterday and will be complete this week on the private, members and guests entrance to The Club. Now, you’ll be able to access The Club without going through the harbor house. Members who are also Westpoint Harbor will have their key fobs updated to include access to The Club. If you’re a member…Read more

Out the “Gate” and Turn Left

Sunny.  Warm.  Windless.  Two out of three isn’t bad, I guess.  Although, Our Hero is under the impression that this is a sailboat adventure – not a motorboat one.  Unfortunately, the vagaries of Mother Nature transcend all man-made plans.  This is the first of many “sailing sagas” that will chronicle the good, the bad, and the ugly of cruising under sail…Read more