St Patrick’s Irish Night Pictures and Video

Pictures and video courtesy of Barbara Bussler and Paul Aebersold.

Cruising the BVI

Members Peter and Deb Blackmore, and Mark and Maureen Sanders cruising in the British Virgin Islands aboard Peregrine Falcon.

Café Club comes to life with Fine French Music and Fabulous French Food

An evening of fine food and moving music as only the French can accomplish. Except this evening was courtesy of members Paul Aebersold, Carole Bumpus, Winston Bumpus, Jean Caswell, and the inimitable Melina. Thank you to all.

Successful Treeathlon at the Harbor

Thank you for making the Marina of the Year Party so much fun – here’s more of the piper

He is playing Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9 in E minor, “From the New World”, popularly known as the New World Symphony, composed in New York in 1893. Neil Armstrong took a tape of the New World Symphony to the Moon 50 years ago this year. Video courtesy of Ken Parker