The Club Burgee shall be triangular, the width at the hoist being two-thirds the length. The design shall consist of a blue field (RGB#002060) upon which four devices are found. A white (RGB#FFFFFF) band extending from the mid-point of the hoist along the full length of the burgee ending in a point, whose height is one-fifth of the height of the burgee. Upon this is a red (RGB#FF0000) “W” perpendicular to the hoist with the arms of the W following the contours of the burgee originating at the hoist and extending to the mid-point of the length. The W is one-eighth of the width of the hoist. And, finally, two white (RGB#FFFFFF) 5-pointed stars placed in the middle of the upper and lower blue field bounded by the red W and the white point. The single point of the stars points up.


The story of our burgee.

When The Club was formed the directors wanted to create a burgee that was distinctive, representative of values, and one that had a classic look.

Some early versions were:

What the Board liked: the regular pennant shape, the red-white-blue palette, the “W” motif.

These were the next round with some options on the reds and the blues and the widths of the elements. The idea behind these was:

  • The “W” for West
  • The white band coming to a point, making West+point
  • The blue above for the sky that fills our sails
  • And the blue below for the ocean we sail upon

In the end, the board left it to Mark and Kevin to produce the final version.

With a nod to our national flag already in the red-white-blue palette, the addition of white stars enabled us to complete the burgee:

  • The stars represent the goals of The Club to be “the premier sporting and social club in the Valley.”

Our burgee is registered in the Burgee Registry.