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Out the “Gate” and Turn Left

Sunny.  Warm.  Windless.  Two out of three isn’t bad, I guess.  Although, Our Hero is under the impression that this is a sailboat adventure – not a motorboat one.  Unfortunately, the vagaries of Mother Nature transcend all man-made plans.  This is the first of many “sailing sagas” that will chronicle the good, the bad, and the ugly of cruising under sail…Read more

What a wonderful evening

When Scott Kirby was doing his sound check we could tell it was going to be a wonderful evening. It was a perfect, cloudless evening, and the gentle breeze coming in through the windows hinted at a Florida Keys kind of night. We introduced Scott as the man of “the four S’s, singer, songwriter, storyteller…Read more

Scott Kirby is coming to The Club

Thursday, June 14th at 6:00 pm. Singer, songwriter, guitarist, storyteller, sailor and road warrior are all words that aptly describe Scott Kirby. Writing songs for a new CD, performing 150 live shows a year throughout the US and Canada, and holding down the stage at his own club—Key West’s Smokin’ Tuna Saloon—keep the barnacles off this…Read more