We are supporting the Sailors for the Sea initiative to create Clean Regattas. We’d like to advise captains, crew, support teams, and spectators that:

  1. There is a Green Team supporting all Regattas that are based at The Club at Westpoint and Westpoint Harbor. You can contact them by email at GreenTeam@TheClubAtWestpoint.com with any ideas, concerns, or questions.
  2. In order to minimize the amount of plastic landfill we create we encourage you to bring your own reusable water bottle to events. Filtered water and ice are available at the harbor for no charge.
  3. When we cater food for events we always strive to provide locally sourced ingredients and will always have a vegetarian option for participants.
  4. We avoid using any single-use items so you will find dishes and flatware for your food available. In addition, we do not allow any Styrofoam containers in the trash at the harbor so please take any Styrofoam containers home with you.
  5. You will find recycling, trash and composting garbage cans in and around the harbor. Please ask a member of the Green Team if you are unsure what items go in which bins.
  6. Sailors should note that Rule 55 “TRASH DISPOSAL: A competitor shall not intentionally put trash in the water. This rule applies at all times while afloat. The penalty for a breach of this rule may be less than disqualification.” This rule is not modified for competitions based out of Westpoint Harbor.

We are committed to the welfare of the wildlife that abounds in and around the harbor. Please observe the “No Wake” markers in Westpoint Slough as the habitat on Greco Island supports several endangered species. There is no landing permitted on Greco Island, nor on Bair Island, where they abut Redwood Creek. If you accidentally hurt any wildlife or damage any habitat please inform the race coordinator immediately you come ashore and complete the Event Incident Report located here.