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International Cruising Series – French Polynesia, Aug 24-31, 2019

Have you dreamed of sailing the tropical waters of French Polynesia? Or, do you long to return to the stunning clear blue sea around Bora Bora (think waters so clear boats seem to fly)? If so, this could be your year! The Club at Westpoint is hosting our first International Cruising Series to French Polynesia the week of August 24 to 31, 2019. Currently, there are five boats signed up and nearly 40 people. We’ve just checked and both monohulls and catamarans are still available for charter.

Tahiti Cruise OutBoats are chartered from the Island of Raiatea from both Moorings and Dream Yacht ChartersFrench Polynesia offers some of the most fantastic cruising waters in the world, with amazing sea life and protective atolls, and you get all of this for only a three-hour timezone change. Starting this year you can book direct flights from SFO to Tahiti, followed by a very short island hopper flight to Raiatea. 

  • If you’re interested in joining us, or if you’ve never cruised internationally and had questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our international cruise co-leaders for more information:
    John Graves, (408) 306-1408,
    Shannon Amerman, (650) 703-1806,

2019 Cruise-Outs

Destination Date Cruise Captain(s) Contact the Cruise Captain List of Cruisers
San Francisco Yacht Club June 14th-16th, 2019 Peter Blackmore Sign Up List
Society Island, Tahiti August 24th, 2019 Shannon Amerman Sign Up List
St. Francis Yacht Club November 1st to 3rd, 2019 Jim Peterson Sign Up List

2020 Cruise-Outs

Destination Date Cruise Captain(s) Contact the Cruise Captain List of Cruisers
Mars July 2020 Nasa Sign Up List
Palma, Majorca, Spain Summer 2020 Peter Blackmore Sign Up List