Planned mooring is below.

SFYC Cruise-Out

The sailboats are on the guest dock (above left) as they can side tie to the guest dock or to each other. We have 5 sailboats on the guest dock. You will note 7 boat names on the diagram but one had to cancel and the other will blacktop.

The power boats are all on the 100-dock (above right) which is the first dock as you enter the harbor. A ‘med mooring’ is required also known as ‘stern to’ so we can tie the boats securely to the dock and alongside each other. There are 4 power boats.

Kevin Tentis, the SFYC Harbor Master, and Peter will be there to greet you on arrival and help with mooring.

Please call Channel 68 or Peter’s cell phone if easier (650 799 1052).

Entrance to the Marina

Cruise Out to SFYC

The entrance to the SFYC is via a short channel which starts by the Corinthian YC. Please follow the bouys to ensure you stay in the channel.

The SFYC marina and channel were dredged last year so even the big keel boats have depth. Plus low tide is at 4.33 am (Friday) to 6.00 am (Sunday) so arrivals and departures mid-morning to early afternoon are facilitated by that.

SFYC Tides


Please remember to register at the front desk after arrival. You will receive a temporary membership card so you can order food, drinks, etc. The front desk will have your name and the boat name.

They ask that I pay for dinner with one check and also all mooring fees with a second check. I’ll use the Club at Westpoint checks and then allocate dinner and mooring fees to your Westpoint account.

The dinner on Saturday is at 7pm in the Club House. We shall have tables set aside for us that are round and seat eight. There are 32 registered for dinner. Your choices for dinner have been given to the chef.

We look forward to a great weekend for The Club at Westpoint attendees. And do please advise us of your day of arrival ahead of time – an email or text is fine.

Peter Blackmore
President, The Club at Westpoint
C: +1-650-799-1052
Kevin Tentis
Harbor Master, Facilities Manager, SFYC
V: Channel 68
C: +1-415-439-3534