Friday Fun Series is open to all.

There are currently no Covid restrictions applied to the race. Individual skippers may have rules for their crew and that is solely at the captain’s prerogative. Restrictions may be introduced by the state and county and The Club will adopt them at that time.


This year’s race series will be:

Races Dates
#1 Friday, April 21
#2 Friday, May 19
#3 Friday, June 16
#4 Friday, June 30
#5 Friday, July 7 (note 1)
#6 Friday, July 21
#7 Friday, August 11th
#8 Friday, September 1st (note 2)
#9 Friday, September 15th
#10 Friday, October 6th

Note 1: Destination sail to Treasure Island pre Westpoint Regatta Note 2: Destination sail to Schoonmaker pre-cruise out Contact the Principal Race Organizer: Larry Mayne


The Friday Fun Series is part of the Clean Regatta program run by Sailors for the Sea and is a current Silver Award winner.

If you would like to be involved in the Clean Regatta Program please contact the GM and we will add you to the Clean Team.


  • Register for the races on Jibset
  • Please complete the Race Waiver form
  • Looking for a crew to join your boat for the races? Go to the Crew form


  • Looking for a boat to join for the races? Go to the Crew form
  • Please complete the Race Waiver form