The Friday Fun Series of races will begin in June and will run through September.

FFS Version 2Notice of Race.

Contact the race organizers:
John Graves and Larry Mayne


The Friday Fun Series is part of the Clean Regatta program run by Sailors for the Sea and is a current Silver Award winner.

If you would like to be involved in the Clean Regatta Program please contact the GM and we will add you to the Clean Team.

Here are just some of the things we are doing to create a greener, cleaner regatta:

  • We have filtered and chilled water for you – please bring a multi-use container to take out on the water
  • We will be posting race results online on JibeSet so we do not have to print race results
  • Our food trucks have been asked to use sustainable, local ingredients, and to provide vegetarian options
  • We provide multi-use dishes and flatware to minimize single-use items
  • We have trash, recycling, and composting so please use the correct one
  • When you return we recommend a boat washdown with water only to minimize chemicals going into the Bay
  • There is an online form for reporting any encounters with wildlife that may have damaged them or their habitat

The race will begin at 18:00 with a staggered start and all boats should be off and racing by 18:30. The race will end about 19:30 with boats returning to Westpoint Harbor by 20:00.

There will be food at The Club at Westpoint (different food for each race) from 19:00 to 20:30. Food will cost about $15 to $25 per person. Beverages will be available in the clubhouse on the second floor of the Harbor House.

Showers are also available to racers. Please check with the clubhouse office for access to the showers.

Trailered boats can enter the water at the ramp at Westpoint Harbor.


  • Register for the races on JibeSet
  • Please complete the Race Waiver form
  • Looking for a crew to join your boat for the races? Go to the Crew form


  • Looking for a boat to join for the races? Go to the Crew form
  • Please complete the Race Waiver form


  1. June 26th
  2. July 24th
  3. August 28th
  4. September 25th