The established policy of the Board of Directors is that the entire Clubhouse facilities shall be made available to the maximum number of members for their use and enjoyment at all reasonable times. To that end, the Board of Directors has adopted these Clubhouse Rules.

These rules are subject to change by an approved motion of the Board of Directors.

These rules are always posted in the Clubhouse and are available online at The Club website in the members-only section.

Clubhouse Rules

Conduct of members and guests

  1. All members and guests are welcome to enjoy the Clubhouse
  2. Appropriate attire is always required in the Clubhouse
  3. Members and guests must always wear a name badge when in the Clubhouse (the badges should be returned to the rack upon departure – lost badges have a $25 replacement cost)
  4. Members may sign in up to two guests each
  5. Children under the age of 19 must be accompanied by an adult
  6. Guests must sign the guestbook upon entry to the Clubhouse and must be signed in by a member who is present at the time the guests sign in. Guests are limited to 3 visits in any 18-month period.
  7. Members and guests should behave in a manner that does not disturb other members and guests. The deck on the south side of the Clubhouse offers a private, sheltered area to make and receive phone calls. Watching a video or listening to music is permitted but members and guests should use personal headphones to do so.
  8. The Clubhouse is intended to be always enjoyed by members. Members are welcome to bring guests to the Clubhouse for business meetings and to use the Clubhouse as a co-working space, but this should be limited to occasional, and short duration use of the Clubhouse and should not disturb other clubhouse users – please check with the office ahead of time
  9. Members and guests should ensure that their activities are respectful of the Harbor House operations team on the first floor
  10. Members and guests who choose not to drive home after an event should obtain an overnight parking pass from the office to avoid their vehicle from being towed


  1. The Club has a zero-tolerance for minors drinking alcohol – it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that alcohol is only served to members and guests who are 21-years or more of age

Use of the Clubhouse

  1. The Clubhouse capacities are as follows:
    1. Harbor View Room (conservatory) – 50
    2. Club Room – 50
    3. Fireplace Room – 20
    4. The Clubhouse total area – 150
  2. The Clubhouse is available to members from 09:00 to 19:00 Monday through Thursday and from 09:00 to 21:00 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (times subject to change)
  3. The Clubhouse has video recording 24×7
  4. Access to the Clubhouse is via the Clubhouse stairway only and members and guests should use the bathrooms on the first floor (at the foot of the stairway). The bathrooms are available to members and guests after hours using the member’s key fob
  5. Members are responsible for the proper use of the key fob for Clubhouse entry and must report immediately if it is no longer in their possession to the office and complete the appropriate form* (replacement fobs are $25)
  6. Members may reserve the Clubhouse for private events by completing the online form on The Club website – members receive a 50% discount on the commercial rates
  7. The Clubhouse may be rented out from time to time in which case the clubhouse will be closed to members – a notice will be in the weekly email to members
  8. Members using the Clubhouse should make sure that they place any dirty dishes in the dishwasher and put any garbage in the appropriate trash can
  9. If members wish to leave leaflets, posters, or other promotional items for the enjoyment of other members, they must check with the office first
  10. If any injury occurs, it must be reported immediately, and the appropriate form completed*
  11. If any damage occurs, it must be reported immediately to the office and the appropriate form* completed and the member may be required to repair, replace or otherwise rectify the damage at the member’s cost
  12. The Galley
    1. The galley refrigerator is intended for use by The Club catering needs only
    2. Members may use the galley stove, toaster, coffee maker at their own risk
    3. Members should load the galley dishwasher with any used dishes but not start it
  13. In the Fireplace Room members should take great care when lighting the fire and do so at their own risk. This is a propane-based gas fire: no other materials may be burned there
  14. The “La Cantina” windows in the Fireplace Room and in the Nook (off the Club Room) may only be operated by members who have had training (available from the Club Manager) – there is a serious risk of injury for not operating these windows in the correct manner
  15. If opened, all windows and doors must be closed and locked when the last member leaves
  16. Members with service dogs are welcome anywhere in the Clubhouse. Members with other pets must keep them leashed, on the outside deck, and supervised at all time
  17. Firearms are not permitted in the Clubhouse