IMG_2285We welcome applications for membership. You can find an application form here.

We offer two types of membership, Full Memberships, and Non-Resident Memberships: these are detailed below. If you have any questions about membership please contact the Membership Development Committee by email at or by phone on +1(833)974-2582.

Membership Fees 2022 (subject to change*)

Full Membership $2,500 annually for two people full voting membership
Non-Resident Membership $500 annually for two people restrictions apply
Initiation Fee $3,000* one-time per application all membership classes
*The initiation fee will increase to $4,000 when we announce the official opening of the New Clubhouse


Membership Definitions

Common to all

All members receive a common set of benefits and benefits depending on their level of membership commitment.

Common benefits include:

  • Access to the club facilities and use of club services
  • Discounted food and beverages in club bars, restaurants and event spaces
  • Discounted goods and services including meeting space rental, guest dock privileges, apparel and events
  • Invitations to club events
  • The ClubBuzz weekly newsletter
  • SlipStream The Club app
  • Receive a membership pack containing club apparel, burgee, etc.
  • Entry in the membership directory (members may opt-out)
  • Early registration in the Youth Sailing Programs

Full Member

IMG_20181013_183321420Ordinary members of the club have a full set of rights and privileges. They are known as “Full Members”.

Unique Benefits of this membership include:

  • Current membership fees
    • Initiation fee – $3,000**
    • Annual fee – $2,500
  • Voting rights – yes
  • Serve on the board – yes
  • Serve on committees – yes

In addition, in recognition of those full members who joined early, will receive extra privileges. These members will fall into three special categories, Founder (5), Charter (6-50), and Establishing (51-100) members.

Non-Resident Member

The class of membership known as “Non-resident members” is designed to encourage members to join even though they live some distance from the clubhouse. Given that, they will be less likely to participate in club affairs on a regular basis. This membership is also designed for those members who may still live close but who are on long-duration trips away from the club.

“Some distance” from the club is defined as:

  • Live more than 80 miles from the clubhouse as measured on Google Maps, or
  • Live closer than 80 miles from the clubhouse but who are more than 80 miles away for 9-months or more per year

Unique Benefits of this membership include:

  • Current membership fees
    • Initiation fee – $3,000**
    • Annual fee – $500
  • Voting rights – no
  • Serve on the board – no
  • Serve on committees – yes

** Rises to $4,000 when the opening date of the new clubhouse is announced.