The President and Board of Directors of The Club at Westpoint

Robin Driscoll Robin Driscoll, President
Shannon Amerman Director, Treasurer
Peter Blackmore Peter Blackmore, Director
IMG_1807 Kevin Parker, Director, Secretary
PaulienRuijssenaars Paulien Ruijssenaars, Director
Mark Sanders Mark Sanders, Director
Dana Sanderson Dana Sanderson, Director

Committee Chairs and Officers

Finance Committee –

Chair: Jim Siders

Membership Development Committee –

Chair: Dana Sanderson
Members: Peter Blackmore, MeeSun Boice, Robin Driscoll, Kevin Parker

Events Committee –

Chair: Patty Corcoran

Nominating Committee –

Chair: Robert Tifft

House Rules Committee –

Chair: Winston Bumpus

On-the-Water Committee

Chair: vacant
Cruise-Out Captain: Shannon Amerman –
Cruise-Ins Managers: Port Captains (pro tem) –
Racing: Larry Mayne – Captains and Crew
and Captains Only
Kayaking Club –

Port Captains –
Captains: Neal Doten, Jim Sanderson