ClubBuzz: Congratulations to Members who won prizes in the holiday boat lighting competition

ClubBuzz: Congratulations to Members who won prizes in the holiday boat lighting competition

A night to remember!
A fantastic Holiday Party
Great Boat Decorating

Annual Holiday Party
Saturday, December 18th

This year we changed things a little bit and decided to award a grand prize for the best-decorated boat and a prize for the best boat on each dock. As ever the competition was impressive, and it was remarkably difficult to find just one winner on each dock let alone an overall winner.
Thanks to our judges who made the whole process fun and entertaining. Especially to club members Barb Deméré (judging for the second time) and Lorie Corlett (who was judging for the first time). Walking all the docks from the head-walk to each end-tie is a total of two miles and normally takes about 90-minutes. I think everyone would agree that this year’s judges did an outstanding job.
Also, thanks to the harbor crew who did the most amazing job of creating such a special evening. Westpoint was turned into a harbor-side café as elegant as any on the French Riviera. The weather did its bit to help and the early rising full moon and perfect weather. All that was missing were melodic strains from a bereted accordion player … but more of that anon.
Please take a moment to wander the docks and visit these beautiful works of art and acknowledge the effort and creativity of our fellow festive harbor friends.


At just 242, A-dock is the shortest of the docks at Westpoint and home to several Catamaran slips. The dock is adjacent to the low-freeboard dock used by the standup paddleboarders, kayakers, and rowers. Our friends at Mike’s Paddle and the NORCAL Crew groups use this dock almost every day of the year.
This year there were no entries from A-dock and so their prize was awarded to another dock as an extra prize.


B-Dock is often the first sight visitors to the harbor see of our embracing the holiday spirit. Known for the understated and classic adornment of their boats, B-Dock says “Season’s Greetings!”

Honorable Mention: Starry Plough, B23
Here is tastefully decorated “Starry Plough”. This simple but effective tree is jolly nod to the festive season.

Honorable Mention: EllieRae, B10
Keeping with the understated theme of the B-dock crowd, “EllieRae” has this simple wreath on her bow both acknowledging the season and welcoming the revelers.

B-Dock Winner: Summeray, B20
Congratulations to Douglas and Kathleen Gray for taking full advantage of their Tayana’s height and length. Festooned from bow to stern and from the mast to the deck, Summeray is perfectly topped off with an illuminated wreath that signals welcome to Westpoint as you enter the harbor.


For a few years now C-Dock has been very competitive when it comes to the Holiday Boat Lighting competition. This year the bar was set very high, and it was difficult to choose a winner. And therefore C-Dock is once again, “Best Decorated Dockwith the yearlong bragging rights that come with that honor.

Honorable Mention: Teak and Holly, C1
Seen here from B-Dock, “Teak and Holly” is even outshining the full moon. With every surface of the boat, including the top of the Bimini, covered in lights, inflatables, and with music and animation, members Jeff Birdwell and Holly Winnen have embraced every aspect of the holiday spirit.

Honorable Mention: Magnolia, C17
Swathed in every possible color of illumination, Magnolia is a literal beacon of light on C-Dock. But the highlight, the essence of turning challenge into a virtue, is how the hoist on the foredeck is used to create a holiday tree. Nicely done Cranes!

Dock Winner: Serenity, C31
What is more iconic and quintessentially American than the movie “A Christmas Story?” Take a moment to experience the movie playing the 60” TV but sit back in dock-side comfort with a glass of amber nectar under the light of the “Fra-gil-e (must be Italian)” Leg Lamp. And then take a step closer you’ll see those lights around the rail, they are leg lamps too. But be careful, not to sit on the “Official Red Ryder” carbine Ralphie got for Christmas. Members Greg Smedsrud and Sue Martinson – wow!


When you’re looking for the “awe” in Christmas, or even the “aww” in Christmas, put D-Dock on the top of your list. There are some folks along that dock that really get into the spirit of things.

Honorable Mention: La Bocce Vita, D31
What could be more Californian than a Christmas Palm tree with an attendant Flamingo? A what? This whimsical frontispiece aboard La Bocce Vita brings a beaming grin to everyone who takes in the scene. Members Connie and Bob Puccetti are bringing the sunshine.

D-Dock Winner: Neverland, D19
(need photo) In literature, Neverland is an island where everyone stays a child for all time. The Dew’s boat, Neverland, rethinks the holidays from a child’s perspective. At first glance, the boat is beautifully decorated. But there is something that is puzzling. And then you change your perspective and imagine yourself not viewing the lights from the outside but from the inside. The boat is decorated from a child’s perspective, from the inside looking out. As we grow old, we lose our ability to see the world as a child would see it. Bravely naming your boat Neverland sets the bar high.


At 630 feet long, E-Dock is the longest of Westpoint’s accommodations. It marks the mid-point for the judges. Many of the harbor’s residents who have been here the longest are to be found on E-Dock. It is also home to the best pun of the night.

Honorable mention: Hurrica V, E1
Of course, Hurrica V makes a statement wherever she goes and, like me, I am sure she brings a joyful smile and an admiring nod each time you see her graceful lines and elegant form. But we all know that her skipper is a little gadget crazy. So, take a moment to stop by E1 and see the illuminated (via waterproof gadget) subsurface life of Westpoint Harbor. Thank you Mark for another illuminating moment.

E-Dock Winner: Dolce Sogni, E57
Sailboats have a wonderful advantage when it comes to decorating for the holidays. Not only are their masts scraping the sky, but they also have halyards that can hoist lights all the way up to the sky. And the smart crew of a sailboat knows how to exploit these benefits to the fullest. Rigging is a sailboat’s friend at sea and, it turns out, at the Boat Lighting Competition. Or, as one judge put it, “… getting all those lights up there must have been quite a rigmarole …” Thanks for inspiring us members Winston and Carole Bumpus.


This is another long dock and has the added attraction of Poseidon’s trident at the end of it. Here we find some of the harbor’s superyachts in all their glory and creativity.

Honorable Mentions:
Tuva, F36: Last year’s winners kept up their festive efforts with a beautiful and intricate weaving of multi-colored lights along the lifelines of their boat creating quite the homely, seasonal effect that was welcoming and safe!
Lalibird, F13: With elegant trees and real holiday ornaments along all the rails, Lalibird is a feast for the eyes. Elegant in its simplicity but provides a wealth of holiday cheer.
Grace, F7: Looking so tiny in her huge slip, Grace always gives a heartwarming holiday presence. It is great to see her lit up for the holidays.
Little Boss, F2: Little Boss is the perfect boat. It just looks like Christmas. The simple string of lights from stem to stern is all it takes to put a giant grin on the judge’s face. We miss the bow pudding though.

Dock Winner: Legacy, F57
With lights sufficient to be seen from space. Legacy is reinterpreting the 12-days of Christmas with 7 Fish-a-swimming, 6 Stars-a-shining, 5 Golden Dophins, 4 Santas-santearing, 3 Reindeer-reindeering, 2 trees a-treeing, and Jelly Fish hanging from the bow.


By the time the judges get to G-Dock it is very dark and the air a lot cooler. The pace quickens with the thought of some warm food and chilled beverages. Also, by this time anxious boat decorators are tracking the judges progress hoping to hear a tid-bit or two about how the judging is going.

Dock Winner: Juno, G26
Juno is a controversial pick for dock winner that created quite a debate amongst the judges. The decoration of the boat inside and out is incredible, including a fully animated winter village diorama inside. But it was the additional point garnering ploy of decorating the adjacent party barge that caused the judges to pause. But as that too was decorated so wonderfully it made it easy to have Juno as the dock winner!


As you approach H-Dock one thing holds your attention: the pulsating lights and the holiday sound coming from the boat in the second slip. Last year the boat was completely dark and quiet because, after the owners left, there was a power outage and all their hard work fell into darkness. This year they stayed home, and the result was disco central.

Honorable Mention: H40: Stillwater
She is such a pretty boat, her classic Krogen lines make a simple string of stem to stern lights look elegant and festive. Member Richard Webber added his unique style.

Honorable Mention: H32: Barcarolle 
And in a first for the holiday boat lighting competition, live music! Westpoint Harbor’s very own member Paul Aebersold, a most gifted and accomplished musician, was there to welcome the judges with Christmas favorites and carols played on the accordion.

Dock Winner: H3, La Dolce Vita
After last year’s power problems, the Gregori’s went all out to dazzle their dock. And indeed they did, from presents on dock-box to lights synchronized to the music, to the giant tv with a simulated log fire, and a giant Santa on deck, La Dolce Vita is living up to her name.

And now it comes to the announcement of the Grand Prize Winner.

Teak and Holly in C1 are this year’s winners of the overall competition. With every surface area of the boat festooned with lights, including atop the Bimini, with every possible kind of inflatable around the decks, and animated trees on the foredeck and in the cockpit, Teak and Holly is every child’s vision of Christmas. And, let’s not forget the impressive use of the boat’s ample sound system to jauntily Jingle Bells and happily Ho Ho Ho.

Congratulations to new members Jeff and Holly.

Once again, huge thanks to the harbor team for putting on a spectacular event, to Sonya, Debbie, Maureen, John, Paul, and Mark. To Robert for the donation of all the outside furniture and heaters. To Barb and Lorie our wonderful judges. And to you, for making this a night to remember.

Season’s Greetings to you and yours,


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