ClubBuzz: Message from Peter and Deb Blackmore

ClubBuzz: Message from Peter and Deb Blackmore

Message from
Peter and Deb Blackmore

Peter and Deb Blackmore

Do please take the time to listen to the video just posted. It is from Deb and myself explaining our decision to relocate to England.

<Watch Video to hear Deb explaining the background.>

As many of you know we have a lovely sailboat which we have moored in Palma de Mallorca. We were on the boat last October and both realised that we need to be closer to the boat which was our retirement adventure. So we also decided to find a home in England so we can have a retirement home there close to a suitable port. We have found a property in Cornwall on the River Fal close to Falmouth.

We visited our new property in our last visit which was April to June and it more than lives up to our expectations. We also were able to get to Mallorca and enjoy some sailing. Whilst there we put our home in California on the market. It sold remarkably quickly and we are now back home but need to move. 

I told the Club Board some time ago about these plans and we agreed on a transition plan which the Club discussed at our Board meeting last week. I am going to stay as a Director as long as the term allows but clearly I cannot be Club President when 3,000 miles away. The Board unanimously recommends Robin Driscoll as the next President. The By-Laws require the membership to vote on that recommendation and we shall be holding a special meeting at the end of this month for you to vote on this. In addition, we need a new Club Secretary as I wear that hat as well and the Board will make a recommendation to vote on that at the same special meeting.

The Club is in as strong a position as we would wish. The Building is funded and will be completed by we estimate April. We are just waiting for the Redwood City approval after the third round of questions.

We need to recognise Westpoint Harbor and in particular Mark as he agreed to fund not only the road and utilities but also the Building. 

Our other partners are the Restaurant and they are fully committed.

The membership is growing well and now at 170 members.

Obviously, still a lot to do and I shall be involved as always but I have no doubts about the Club. We are well on the way on a remarkable journey to create an excellent Club in the South Bay which shall be a destination point for all.

Our best wishes, 

Deb and Pete

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